Meet Camila

Camila began the task of rehabilitating and training dogs after deciding to foster a black Pitbull, (later named Ipa) igniting her passion for helping not only dogs but also their families.
Despite the fact that she was grieving Ringo's (the dog she adopted at 19 years old) very recent passing, Camila felt an inclination to help this dog, who had escaped a chained life and exhibited aggression.
This led her to the Dog Psychology School: Gulliver Dog Team, where she learned about puppy education, obedience and dog psychology focusing on severe behavioral disorders in dogs.
This experience was a turning point in her understanding of dog psychology and the canine-human bond.
Prudently trained: the human can be dog’s best friend. Their leader. Their guide.

But our species needs to learn to speak dog first.

During this time she also had her Pack Walks, oriented on fulfilling exercise and structured socialization, running.
She continued to seek the expertise and education of dog professionals while she has shadowed trainers, attended workshops, and completed online courses to fine-tune her training methods and enhance her abilities.
She believes that when working with dogs, you need to focus on constantly cultivating wisdom.

The concept of Brigada was born when Camila realized the importance of having a supportive community when raising or rehabilitating a dog.
Pack suits non-human animals groups but “Brigada" means brigade in Spanish, representing a group of people (and K9s = canines) organized for a particular purpose. Being better guides for our dogs.
Camila also believes that being better guides for our dogs means being present, connecting and working with nature, not against it.

Combining her passion for animals, nature, wellness and education with her hands-on experience and training, she developed an integral approach.
Brigada Ringo K9s members believe that life with your dog can be a joyful and rewarding journey, challenging you to slow down, breathe deeply, adopt a beginners mind to learn and enjoy the present moment while tapping into our capability of leading with trust, respect and love.
Brigada Ringo K9s' goal is to educate humans about their dogs' needs and desires, enhance their observational and communication skills, and guide them on the process of achieving their ultimate goals with their dogs while growing and learning along the way.

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