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“I am a better pack leader to my dogs…and mother to my children, because of Camila’s guidance on how to respond to and support emotional cues rather than force discipline.  We have tried many trainers over the years who have left us feeling insecure and nervous about our dogs. In just 4 sessions, Camilla transformed our understanding of how to connect with our dogs, in such a supportive way, that we have experienced both immediate and lasting results.”
- Leah


“Cami y su brigada son especiales. Siempre tuvimos miedo de confiarle la responsabilidad de Sol a un tercero, hasta que conocimos a Cami. En seguida se puede ver su amor y empatía con los animales, y su compromiso por aprender y educar sobre ellos. Sin dudas volveríamos a elegir y contar con su ayuda.”
- Delfi & Eze


“Working with Camila has been life changing for me and my dogs. Her unique and holistic way of dog training brought me a new perspective on how to connect with my dogs. She helped me find patience and gave me tools to grow and learn with my reactive dog. Watching her interact with dogs is so inspiring, she sees the smallest subtleties and is able to communicate on such a deep level. The space Camila holds during her sessions is so calm and full of compassion. I have never felt judged, even when I didn’t keep up with my homework. You can really see her love for dogs and nature in her approach to dog training and there is nobody I would recommend more than her. My dogs Mouse and Foxy would agree - their lives have expanded and Foxy has gained so much more freedom from all she has learned. I am so grateful for all Camila has taught us and for the role she continues to play in deepening my connection to my dogs.”
- Lexi Ploc-Canning


“If it is rare to find a dog person who is also a people person then Camila is a diamond. She intuitively connected to our dogs and thoughtfully guided us how to listen to them to create harmony in our home. We are grateful.”
- Charles


“Working with Camila-Brigada Ringo has been a very uplifting and empowering experience. I was feeling overwhelmed with my high energy dog Wolfie and within few sessions Camila led me with some great techniques that have resulted in me regaining confidence and being able to enjoy our walks again in the neighborhood. She sees the individuality in every dog and plans the sessions accordingly. Wolfie and I have strengthened our bond and I have learnt very valuable information about dog's behavior. Camila has a true passion for her craft, she loves dogs and is very knowledgeable. She also shared articles and podcasts, and gifted us a training leash, which was very generous of her. I wholeheartedly recommend her work.”
- Pelican Finn Falcon


“We first hired Camila almost two years ago to work with our two large (then 5 year old) dogs - Phife and Lupe - a Rottweiler and German Shepherd. As a petite person, I had difficulty walking them together because they would literally drag me down the road. They also were not respecting personal boundaries. After committing to intensive training, and understanding my own habits and beliefs that needed to be changed, both dogs now consistently come when called, are a pleasure to pack walk, and exhibit self-control at home. Camila has also been an excellent dog sitter when we travel, always clearly communicating how the dogs are doing through video and text message.  I highly recommend her services as her professionalism and expertise has made our experience worthwhile and exceptional.”
- Rozanne & Chris


“Discovering Brigada Ringo was a game-changer for me and my two German Shepherds! I thought I knew it all from researching and online videos, but it turns out the hands-on guidance was exactly what we needed because lets be honest i was the one needing the training not just my dogs.

Camila and her team’s passion and expertise shine through from day one. They helped me shift from treating my dogs like children to understanding their unique needs. The training not only transformed my dogs' behavior but also turned me into a confident pack leader.

What sets Brigada Ringo apart is their tailored approach. Beyond behavioral issues, they equipped me with insights on canine psychology and effective communication. Now, my German Shepherds are not just well-behaved but thriving and happy.

Thanks to Camila and her team, our home is filled with more synergy and way less stress. If you want a charming and authentic dog trainer, look no further – Camila is the best paws down!”
- Harmony & Vladimir


“Thank you Cami and Lexi for this wonderful day for my dog Gaia. It was so special to connect with her on deeper levels during our practice, I feel like it deepened our communication.
Gaia loved the experience, she was able to connect with other dogs respectfully and be respected in return thanks to the contained environment you facilitated.
I recommend this experience to any human and dog who wants to have fun, learn and practice yoga and meditation together. Connecting with each other in new ways, surrounded by love and understanding from the group and space holders.”
- Gaia, Enrico and Sofi
(about our Canine Connection, with Lexi Ploc-Canning - Day Retreat for dogs and their humans [breathwork, pack walk, yoga & meditation])

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