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Understanding Our Dogs: 5 basic canine needs

Understanding Our Dogs: 5 basic canine needs


In our journey as dog owners, guides, moms, dads, humans it's essential to grasp the true essence of our canine companions. This pyramid represents a foundational approach to understanding our dogs, emphasizing their innate nature and needs over human projections.

1. Animals First: At the base of the pyramid lies the recognition that our dogs are fundamentally animals (pssst we are animals too, but we can talk about that on other entry). Understanding their instincts, behaviors, and communication patterns is crucial for building a strong bond and effective communication.

2. Canines: Moving up the pyramid, we acknowledge our dogs as members of the canine species. This perspective allows us to appreciate their social structure, pack dynamics, rituals and natural tendencies, guiding us in providing appropriate socialization, education and training.

3. Energy: Next, we recognize the significance of energy. Once you understand the pack dynamics you'll clearly differenciate a high energy dog from a mid or low energy. When interacting with each other dogs have roles they ** in a pack. Is your dog a front of the pack? Is he a playful happy-go-lucky? Have you ever seen your dog mediate a disagreement between other dogs? Is your dog a natural follower/ back of the pack dog?

in our interactions with dogs. Dogs are highly attuned to our energy and emotions, and understanding this dynamic helps foster trust, respect, and harmony in our relationships.

4. Breed: Understanding breed characteristics and tendencies is another crucial aspect of canine care. Each breed has unique traits, strengths, and potential challenges, and recognizing these differences enables us to tailor our approach to training, enrichment, and healthcare.

5. Name: Finally, we acknowledge the importance of our dog's individual identity. While names are meaningful and personal, they should never overshadow or diminish our understanding of our dogs as animals first and foremost.

By embracing this pyramid approach, we honor the true essence of our canine companions and cultivate relationships based on mutual understanding, respect, and love.

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